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Myrtle Beach Golf Packages

 by: Allan Johnston

If you are looking for a place to go where you can play a different course every day and not pay a fortune for it. Then, come back year after year and still not play the same course twice? Then, Myrtle
Beach is your place.

There are over 110 courses that offer just about any style of golf that you may enjoy. The area is also known as The Grand Strand and stretches from southern North Carolina down past Pawley's Island. The courses span the full spectrum of quality and cost so you can accommodate any budget.

The area is especially good for a group of guys looking for a fun getaway. Find 7 of your best friends, pick 3-6 courses, play 36 holes a day, go out for some fun at night, and you have a fantastic trip that you will be looking to take every year. Also, if you are planning a bachelor party, this is a great location too. There are a number of "those" types of establishments that will keep the groom entertained.

How do you get a trip like this planned? Your first step is to contact a golf packages. They will be able to provide you with lodging, tee times, and advice on which courses to play based on your needs. Just do a search in MSN, Google, or Yahoo! to find a packager that you like. Then, do you own research. Read up on the courses that you are considering. Some shady packagers will push courses that they have incentives to sell. Don't fall into this trap. These are usually sub-par courses. I recommend approaching your packager with a list of courses and a budget. Then see what you can do.

There are a number of things to consider before you contact your favorite golf packager. Where do you want to play? Myrtle Beach can be broken up into three areas. North Myrtle, Central Myrtle and South Myrtle. A drive from south Myrtle to North Myrtle can be over an hour, so plan your trip accordingly.

The next thing to consider is what types of courses you want to play. They range from utra economy to premium. With the former, you can get a very inexpensive round. However, you will not be playing quality golf. It's better to mix one of these rounds in with better courses in order to keep costs down. The later, premium courses, are where the great golf is. You will pay for it though. Even in Myrtle Beach the top courses are expensive. Some go as high at $185.


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