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Ten Fashion Must Haves Spring Through Fall 2006

 By: Robert Carney

Be smart! Wait a minute, you are smart! You've let OldCrappyTee.com perk up your wardrobe with crazy cool Old Crappy T-shirts, now we can help you choose a few new wardrobe selections to carry through the Fall season that are in step with current fashion. Choose a few practical purchases, and make room for a few compulsive ones too!

Eleven Fashion Must Haves Spring through Fall 2006:

1. Blouses are back!

Girlie dressing has returned with blousy style in ruffles, flounces and fancy neck-ties. Sleeves are unique, maybe a bit blouson with gathering at the shoulders. Isn\'t fabric luxurious? Pick your slinky tops with bare shoulders and/or your bare back. Your waist can be loose or fitted. Tops can be plain or decorated.

2. Bags with structure.

Put away the slouch bag for now. Bags in 2006 see a trend toward dome shapes, contrasting trims and buckles. Accessorize your smart new bag with some bling! Try adding handbag charms for a more designer look.

3. Updated Accessories.

Find hip slung belts (they can be glitzy), super skinny to 2\"-3\" thick. Pick up a pair of large framed sunglasses with color tint lenses. Fresh jewelry is sparkly, chokers are beaded with loose strands cascading, earrings are hoops or big and beautiful. Choose shoes with fantastic color, be they flat slides or strappy stilettos. Last but not least, a very large sun hat (think Sophia Loren).

4. Military feminine.

If you can get your hands on it, please do! Plan to wear your boots and look Eastern bloc mysterious undercover agent unbelievable. Blue-grey and steely colors form smart top-coats with faux fur trim. Narrow army coats sport distinct buttons and epaulettes. Soften your hard-as-nails look with a hint of lace cami that peeks out from underneath the lapel of your trench, or a surprisingly gorgeous fabric pencil line, to the knee or just above, slits at the side or back.

5. Tailored suiting.

Play classy at work and put your curves into straight tailored looks. Create the complete look for fall with charcoal and brown tweeds with leather accessories, up-dos and strong jewelry. Keep an eye out for some tweed competition in the form of rich brocades and jacquards.

6. Midnight blue.

If you don\'t go navy, go lighter than navy! These blues partner beautifully with neutrals and all other colors. A simple, classic, understated outfit might comprise of a midnight blue fancy top and your favorite dark blue jeans. Bags with structure.

Put away the slouch bag for now. Bags in 2006 see a trend toward dome shapes, contrasting trims and buckles. Accessorize your smart new bag with some bling! Try adding handbag charms for a more designer look.

7. Silhouettes with contrast.

Go for a slim line with volume on top or bottom. If you go for volume on the bottom, go retro, but more subtle with a 60\'s style tulip skirt. If you go for volume on the top, remember to keep the bottom slim. Try a boxy to the waist jacket with a zipped front opening.

8.Dresses with drama.

Get into the swing of a dance dress, or pounce on a cocktail-length dress. Look for volume down below and sexy detailing atop the bust-line like ruching. Your dress can be hip-hugging and sexy with bare shoulders or a bare back or both. Or a skirt and top suit that will give you a dressier look.

9. Prints, prints and more prints!

Forget the minimalism of the 90\'s. Try out great new designs or florals either head to toe or, say neck to waist if you\'re feeling a bit non-committal. Waist to ankles wear your jeans or plain bottoms or skirt. Eventually you\'ll be print literate. Pull out those scarves, and think about purchasing a few fresh for the upcoming seasons- even if you just don it on your bag.

10. Blouses Victorian style.

Dress up to go out with authentic vintage style. Not from your great- aunt\'s collection, but from days of the less recent past. Go all out lacey and sheer or frilly and feminine. Add a Victorian look to your favorite white shirt . . . button it up high, and add a bit of ribbon or lace at your neck!



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