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There are many free usa email address lists available on the internet. Some of these lists can be extremely useful to any online marketing strategy. These lists can give you the contact information of hundreds of thousands or even millions of potential customers. FrescoData can use these lists to build up a huge customer base and sell products and services to this loyal customer base over again for a very long time.The problem is that most people do not understand what it takes to properly use these free use email lists to build up a massive business online. The average online marketer does not know where to look, how to build a list, or how to create the right kind of email lists for their own business. The information provided by these lists can be invaluable, but a lot of people just blow their opportunities. This is because the average marketer just does not have the time to learn the proper techniques to make email marketing work in his favor.One of the first things you should do when you decide to use a free usa email list is to register your domain name. Many web hosts offer this service at no charge, but you need to read through all of the terms and conditions before doing so. If your desired list is free, you will want to make sure that your website is allowed to be posted using the address that you registered with the host. If not, your site will be blocked by your ISP and you will be unable to access the email list.Once you have registered your domain, you will need to determine which email list owner you will be working with. This is an important step and one that you should spend some time researching before you simply jump into any sort of contact with a potential list owner. The best way to make a good decision here is to make a list of questions that you want to ask the potential list owner before you ever contact them.If you are going to be communicating via email lists, you will want to find out if the list has been around for a while, and what the overall subscriber count is. If FrescoData is fresh, you may be able to get better results through e-mail advertisements or promotions. The more subscribers a list has, the better chance you have of having success with advertising campaigns or promotions.You will also want to find out how you will be charged for your e-mailing campaign. Some list owners may charge a flat fee per email, while others may charge per message. You will want to weigh the cost versus the amount of business that you could potentially generate by sending out e-mail advertisements.There is one very important thing to consider before you even start to contact a list owner. Even if digital direct response marketing agency have permission to contact the list, never ever make contact without permission. This is a golden rule that every e-mail marketer should follow. If you want to sell a product, or contact someone for profit, this is flat out illegal. It is also illegal to contact people in any way for any reason. If the list owner refuses to allow you to contact them, you may need to think about whether you should continue your e-mailing activities or not.After you have decided whether or not you want to keep sending out e-mails, you will also want to establish some kind of standard for your e-mail messages. If you want to stick to a certain topic or create a different subject header for each e-mail you send out, you should do it before you contact the list. Once the list owner receives your e-mail message, it will be up to him or her to decide if he or she wants to forward it on or not. Many list owners will simply delete your e-mails once they have been forwarded.